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OSU Student

I am a graduate student studying Computer Science at Oregon State University (OSU). I did research on multi-physical crack generation in Computer Graphics. I am right now exploring the feasibility of arts generated by computer graphics. I also enjoy modern art, Van Gogh and Monet are my favorite painters. Aside from art, electronic synthesizers and photography are indispensable parts of my life.

Computer Generated Art & Scientific Visualization

I am comfortable with geometric modeling, numerical methods based on mathematical physics equations, and GUI design. Personally, I use C++, GLSL, Python, Matlab, Comsol, Qt, Unity for daily projects. I am looking for jobs related to game development, computer graphics, and Software engineering.

Graphic exploration is endless
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Project Collection

My project areas include computer graphics rendering, computer animation, game development, geometric modeling, numerical visualization, and computer vision.

My Skills

Starting from what I love seems to be the only way for me to constantly improve myself


I'm primarily a C/C++ programmer, who most of the time does object-oriented programming. I also have extensive experience with Qt and command line and have worked with NumPy for machine learning applications. For front-end, I have the basic skills of HTML5/CSS/JS.

Geometry modeling & Scientific visualization

I have strong abilities of symbolic understanding and logical analysis, which are thanks to my undergraduate mathematics professional training. I have strong capabilities in constructing geometric, numerical, and physical models. I'm also great with Matlab!


I'm a self-taught art creator who usually product traditional paints, photography works, and multi-track audio. My artistic sensitivity has helped me a lot in the direction of computer-generated art.


A bit of background on my skills

I have experience in object-oriented programming for four years. Most of my previous projects are based on C++, especially in the computer graphics field. I master the libraries like QT, OpenCV, GLUT, CGAL, and Boost.

I started learning MATLAB since I was an undergraduate. I am good at using MATLAB to solve the problems for Least Squares, Numerical Analysis, Image Processing, and Signal Processing.

OpenGL Shading Language is the tool I always use to realize scene rendering. I have a solid knowledge of both graphical buffers and shader pipelines. Most of my scientific visualization are based on fluid dynamics, graybody, thermodynamics, stress field, and fracture mechanism.

Python is the tool I always use for computer vision. I am familiar with mature python libraries such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and NumPy.


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